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Our local locksmith team can provide you with a wide range of 24-hour locksmith services for your business, home or automobile.

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There are many reasons why you should choose our locksmith team to service your locks and keys. When you call upon our company’s services, we will always take your turn.


We have top-notch professionals who are trained to know the technicalities of all types of locks and modern-day security systems. We handle everything from the most simple lock and key issue, to the most complex elements of today’s hi-tech systems. That includes re-keys, lock repair and installation, programming of transponder car keys, master key systems, and more.


Registering as a locksmith is not as simple as some people think, and a person doing that has to go through a process of screening. The criteria for becoming and registering as a locksmith varies from state to state, but there are some general requirements: minimum age requirements, criminal background checks, military discharge, drug, and alcohol use, calling someone a “locksmith”, term differences, fingerprinting and insurance.


Besides the vast experience and knowledge that our staff has, many certifications and the best service, we offer the best locksmith prices on the market! This is because of the way we do our business, saving on part by buying in bulk and therefore, saving you money. Our licensed locksmiths are located everywhere, all across America, and we guarantee we are in a town or city near you. That is a big advantage of the professional company. We can reach you everywhere you are and in our car we always have the tools and equipment required for any kind of task.


We know time is important to you, and we make it a point to get there quickly and get the job done in a swift, but thorough manner. We do this because we know that the people who call us are often in emergency situations and under duress. You could be locked out of your car on the road or burglarized at your home or office. That’s not fun. So our priority is to help solve your problems and get your life back to normal.


You want the job done right, and your opinion matters to us. That’s why we need to know if there are any complaints about our work. If you like our work, we’ll take the praise, too! But we’d rather you just keep our number handy, and let your friends and family know how much you liked our service. That’s the best advertising we can ask for. We want to keep the reputation as the best Nationwide Locksmith company there is. Always keep us in mind, and you won’t regret it. 

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083 663 6493

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083 663 6493

100 Corlett Drive, Birnam, Johannesburg, 2196